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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement Services โ€“ Extension or Torsion

One can’t neglect spring as the functioning of the entire door depends on it. So, it is the prominent part of modern door as this allows the efficient movement of the door. If you ignore a faulty spring, you are inviting danger to your home. But local residents and businesses of Edmonton need not to worry about the faulty springs because Edmonton Garage Door Services are here to help you.

We deliver expert advise and assistance in garage door services.

Two Types of Springs

There are two categories of springs for garage doors:

Garage Door Spring

  • Torsion Spring – Torsion are twisted coil which is found in the upper portion of the door. These are attached above the door and a light weighted door requires only one spring but a heavier may need two springs. In case of heavy door, two springs are essential for the safety reason. If one spring break down other one is there to render support. If your door is making noise or taking extra efforts its time to call an expert.
  • Extension Spring – These spring helps in dropping down the door without much effort. This name is given for the extension they go through the operation. Regular maintenance of the door is essential for protecting it from banging on the door.

Maintenance and User Safety

It is difficult for you to rely on the door if the springs attached are not working smoothly. If there is an issue during operation, and you hear any noise, then it is the time to call an expert. There are certain safety measures that should be kept in mind safety cable is essential in controlling the faulty spring. They run along with the spring and attached to the wall. They can help in balancing the door as well.

What is the Need of Spring Brackets

Some brackets are fixed at the bottom of the spring. They face same tension as the spring. So, it is necessary to maintain the spring in pristine condition.

Why To Choose Edmonton Garage Door Services?

  • Warranty and maintenance agreement
  • Repair and replace garage door accessories
  • Affordable prices
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Timely inspection to assure security
  • Proficient technician
  • Emergency Repair Services Available

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