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Reliable Garage Door Repair Solutions in Edmonton

Is your residential or commercial garage door not operating as it previously did? Did you recently heard an unusual noise while operating the door? If yes, then any of the door element might have become faulty. Edmonton Garage Door Repair is a premiere overhead door company providing top-notch yet affordable repairs to bring your faulty door back to life.

No matter, the spring is damaged or the rollers are worn out, our garage door repair experts in Edmonton can easily handle all sort of repair issues in no time. We make use of high quality materials and spare parts that are both durable and strong enough to handle the door weight. Our reputation in the industry is the feat we have earned from our clients by delivering customized repair and replacement services.

Why Garage Doors Require Spring Replacement?

The spring of the door generally shares the gross weight of the door along with cables and pulleys. The operation of the door is interrupted due to wear and tear of the spring. Broken spring can cause accidents due the ferocious force contained in it. There are basically two types of springs:

  • Torsion Spring
  • Extension Spring

Torsion is used for heavy doors and extension for lightweight doors. With the proper working of the spring your garage belongings will be safe.

Repair of Garage Door Parts And Components

We offer repair and replacement of all parts of the doors like openers, cable and remote with the help of our skilled and experienced technicians.

  • Openers Openers are the important part of modern doors as it enables automatic opening and closing of the door. There are three varieties of openers that is belt drive, chain drive and screw drive.
  • Cable The motion and function of the doors are managed by the cables. The pressure of the spring is also shared by them. There are basically three categories of cable available in the market like steel strand wire, galvanized steel and coated galvanized steel cable.
  • RemoteThe motion of the door can be controlled by remote and it enable easy handling of the door. These are similar to television remotes. Remotes are divided into three varieties that is universal, keychain and visor remote.

What Differentiates Edmonton Garage Door Services From Competitors ?

We work with the objective of customer satisfaction. Our customers are our priority and main assets of our business. Services with economical prices and round the clock solutions is what makes us different from others. Our technicians are licensed and trained for excellent services. Our characteristics include:

  • All leading brands available
  • Reasonable prices
  • wide range of products
  • emergency repair and services
  • skilled technicians
  • unmatched services

At Edmonton Garage Door Repair, we provide affordable and reliable garage door repair services in Edmonton. No matter, you own a wooden or steel overhead door, feel free to call us anytime for 24/7 emergency garage door repairs. Call us today to schedule a service or request a free quote.

Contact us for solutions for garage door repair Edmonton.