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Garage Door Remote Repair and Replacement Solutions in Edmonton

Garage Door Remote

Garage Door Remote Not Working? Count on Us

Garage door remotes althogh not in contact with the garage door, help you operate the huge doors in a convenient way. Technology has made our life easy and fast. So, with the help of an advanced technology, these doors are not required to be operated manually. With ease they can be operated in a more convenient way using a remote. How would it be if you have to open the heavy door of your premise manually?

Edmonton Garage Door technicians deliver instant services for remote repair and replacement. Call us now for further information and assistance.

Types of Remotes

  • Key-chain Remote:

    You can carry these remotes very easily as you can keep it safe in your pocket or purse. They can efficiently work from a distance of 100 ft.

  • Visor Remote:

    These are fixed at visor clip of the car. It can also operate from 100 ft distance. They work with openers and signals are transmitted which are further recognized by opener to perform the task.

  • Universal Key-less Remotes:

    These remotes can be programmed for any garage door model so its called universal remotes. There is a simple pin which controls the opener. Due to the advanced features, its keys make it functional in the dark as well.

Why Choose Edmonton Garage Door Services?

Our repair and installation services are superior compatred ot our competitors in terms of pricing and quality. In case your remote is not working even after replacing the battery, you must hire a professional.

We, at Edmonton Garage Doors, have a team of skilled and experienced technicians who are dedicated to offer quality services in order to solve your garage door remote control problems. We provide our residential and commercial clients solutions of all the major brands like Genie, Liftmaster and Chamberlain etc. Our proficient technicians also deliver proper guidance to the owners about the features and the functioning of the remote. We are aiming to make your life simpler by offering an automatic solution that makes door operations simpler. We do provide same day service, repair, proper maintenance and installation services.

Make a Call Today to get more information regarding our services. Get ready to grab great deals and special offers on garage door services.