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Buy Branded Garage Door Parts & Accessories in Edmonton

Get complete range of brands and repair of any part of garage door at Edmonton Garage Doors. We provide high quality services and original spare parts for replacement. Avail parts of leading brands at affordable prices.

Hunting for local garage door repair services? Trust Edmonton Garage Door experts to deliver top-class services at your doorstep.

Garage Door Parts

Various Components and Accessories

Today, garage doors are available in healthy range of options with various components and features. It has become imperative to have both safety and security features. The automatic doors consist of sensors, remotes, tracks, hinges and many more. All of these parts are vital components of the door and demand timely maintenance and servicing. We, at Edmonton Garage Doors, deal in original spare parts for every garage door model.

Accessories also play an essential role in adding value to your door by enhancing its aesthetics. Various panel designs and styles can be enhanced by these accessories. Defective parts of the door can lead to malfunctioning of the door resulting in dangerous accidents or damage. To avoid such incidents, call us for immediate replacement or repair of the parts.

Various Types of Garage Door Parts

  • Cables – As soon as the opener gets the signal, cables assist to either pull or drop down the garage door. The whole weight of the door is shared by the cables and springs which help in minimizing the pressure produced during the operation.
  • Openers – Opener assists in the automatic opening and closing of the door. Automatic garage door openers are motorized. After receiving a radio signal from the remote regarding a certain operation, the motor works accordingly which opens or closes the door.
  • Springs – Garage doors cannot perform without springs. Springs with the help of cables share weight of the door and therefore, help the operation. Because of such vigorous and continuous use, springs can become defective.
  • Hinges – Hinges offer frictionless and smooth surface leading to the proper rotation of the door. A broken hinge, however, can affect the smooth functioning of the door.

Why Go For Edmonton Garage Door Services?

We, at Edmonton Garage Door, provide effective garage door repair solutions and replacement assistance in emergency situations. You can contact us and get help from our experts regarding installation, repair and maintenance.

Call to get Information for FREE estimates for installation.