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Garage Door Opener Services in Edmonton

Opener Repair and Installation Services

Electronic garage door openers have emerged as a convenience for homeowners and businesses. They are a motorized device that enables the opening and closing of the door using switches on the wall or remote controls. The owner can easily entrust them for the security of the vehicles. They help in the intense weather conditions.

It is important to select openers according to your own need and budget. Our proficient technicians can help you in selecting openers that serve your need at pocket-friendly prices. Openers add convenience to the home as well as businesses.

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Categories Of Openers

There are basically three types of openers which are discuss below:

  • Chain Drive – These are popular and traditionally used openers. A metal chain lifts the door up and down on the tracks. They are less expensive in comparison to other openers.
  • Belt Drive – These are smooth in operation and less noisy. Belt drive openers can lift heavy doors easily. This is the best option for those who are looking for a quieter opener. They work by using a metal-reinforced rubber belt instead of a chain.
  • Screw-drive – These are the easiest to install and require less maintenance. This opener makes use of a long metal rod threaded like a screw to function. But lubricating them on a regular basis is important and there noise level is also low.

What Is The Need Of The Garage Door Opener ?

  • Automatic Operation – There is no need of getting out of the car in snow or rain to open or close the door. As they come with a remote that facilitate the opening and closing of the door.
  • Security – It is difficult to pull or break the automated openers so they offer security to your automobiles and other valuable commodities.
  • Motion Sensors – Most of the openers come with this feature. They automatically stop if your child or any valuable thing comes in the door’s path.

What Distinguishes Edmonton Garage Door Services From Others?

  • Branded openers of Stanley, Liftmaster, Chamberlain
  • Instant repair and installation solutions
  • Guarantee and warranty
  • Customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Skilled technicians
  • Commercial and residential openers

Edmonton garage door works with the prime objective of offering high customer satisfaction through quality services and pocket-friendly solution.

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