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How To Know Its Time To Install A New Garage Door?

How To Know Its Time To Install A New Garage Door?

Garage doors are one of the important home elements that protect a vehicle and home against harsh weather conditions and unwanted thefts. They are one of the heaviest and largest doors which are usually the first thing a visitor notices while visiting your home.

The average lifespan of an overhead door is around 12- 15 years, depending upon its maintenance and use. If you fail to maintain your sectional door regularly, it will eventually fall an easy victim to a myriad of problems such as track misalignment or weird sounds.

Some common problems that tell its time to replace the residential garage door are:

Problem 1: The door isn’t opening or closing at all.
Solution 1: If you are facing this problem, the foremost thing to do is to check the keypad lock or remote. Most of the times, a faulty remote battery is the culprit besides a non-functional door. Change the remote batteries, if it still doesn’t operate, chances are that motor or the motor receiver is broken. If so, call in a garage door repair technician for service. In case your existing overhead door is around a decade old, consider replacing it with a new one.

Problem 2: The door is jammed badly.
Solution 2: Without prior maintenance, a garage door tends to fall victim to a number of problems that simultaneously leads to jamming of the door components that further compels them to become stuck. If your wooden garage door is jammed or stuck, consider lubricating its metal components to ensure a smooth door operation. In case, its jammed badly and damaged from other spots, get it replaced.

Problem 3: The door leaks during rains.
Solution 3: It is one of the obvious sign that points towards overhead door replacement. In case, the water peeps inside the garage despite having a door installation, either the panels are damaged or the seal is worn out. If the seals are damaged, get them replaced with the new one but if the panels are damaged, it’s better advised to consider new door installation.

These are some repair signs that point towards the need of installing a new garage door. If your residential or commercial overhead door is facing any such issues, feel free to consult our garage door repair technicians at Garage Door Edmonton.

4 Expert Garage Door Safety Tips For Homeowners

4 Expert Garage Door Safety Tips For Homeowners

No matter, residential or commercial, a garage door can turn out to be dangerous, if not handled with care and attention. Though it offers great level of security and protection to a property and vehicle, it is unsafe to dodge under this heavy opening. This largest moving element follows an automatic mechanism and ignoring its repairs may turn out to be life threatening, especially for children and pets who aren’t well aware of the dangers associated with a garage door. If you are concerned about the safety of your family, follow the below given overhead door safety tips explained by experts.

  1. Keep the opener remote away from children

    Children are more curious to reach those places that are beyond their reach. They cannot judge what is meant for playing and what is not. To ensure their safety, its advised to keep the garage door opener remote and any other hardware components away from their reach.

  2. Teach kids to stay away from moving garage doors

    One of the best way to ensure safety of kids is to teach them about the dangers associated with a moving door. Tell them never to dodge under the overhead door as it may roll back or close any time. Don’t tell them about the door falling incidents that you might have noticed or heard off, instead educate them about the injuries or pinched fingers.

  3. Test the emergency photo eye system regularly

    Almost all modern garage doors are equipped with an emergency release system that stops the door operating mechanism, whenever the sensor light detects any motion. Its important to test it regularly to ensure that the photo eyes are operating as desired. In case, your kid accidentally rolls under a moving garage door, this emergency photo eye mechanism will not risk his life.

  4. Inspect your garage door installation once in a month

    Garage doors operate atleast twice a day throughout the year. This regular use compel the hardware elements to wear and tear that eventually lead to damages or breakdowns. Its crucial to inspect the door components every month to maintain a smooth performance.

To ensure safety of your family, inspect and maintain your garage door regularly. Call in our overhead door repair professionals in Edmonton for quality repairs and maintenance service.

Why Overhead Door Inspection & Repair Are Important

Why Overhead Door Inspection & Repair Are Important

The garage door is one of the most important components of your residential and commercial property. It’s just not only a door, it is more than a door that affect the curb appeal of your home and also the interior quality of the garage and the security of the home.

Just like other appliances in your home, a garage door does require a certain amount of ongoing maintenance to keep it functioning. In addition, there are a number of parts of garage door that may need to be replaced or repaired over the time. Having an overhead door inspected and repaired annually can help address the problem and avoid expensive repair bills. A regular inspection and maintenance also help your overhead door looking like a new for years to come. Let’s read about the importance of garage door inspection and repair.

  1. Save your time: With the passing of time, the several parts of the door will wear down, causing the overhead door to open and close increasingly more slowly. It might not seem a big deal, but if you left it untreated, it can lead to an accident or injury. A slow door takes some extra few seconds for you get in and out of your garage every day.
  2. Save money: Overhead door inspection is cheaper than a repair or replacement service. By spending a few bucks on garage door maintenance, you can save thousands of dollars in the long run. Having an overhead door inspection service on a regular basis can help keep your door in a good working condition. It will mitigate the chances of damage and prevent the need of repair or replacement.
  3. Protect your family: This is the most important reason to keep up with overhead door maintenance and repair service. The mechanism door heavy in weight and if any of the part that hold the door in place fail, then all of the weight of the door can come crashing down on whoever is beneath it. Have your door repaired and inspected when it needs to prevent a tragedy from occurring.
  4. Increase the life of the door: An overhead door is designed for at least twenty to thirty years. But to enjoy the operations of the door, you need to have a regular inspection service. As you know a garage door is manufactured with a number of parts. If anyone of them begin to create a problem, it will definitely effect the entire door.
  5. Avoid emergencies: Emergency means a situation that can occur any time with anyone. When a door suddenly stops working or deny to open and close, you need a professional help to fix this issue. To avoid such kind of situations or emergencies, you should inspect and repair the door on a regular basis.

Because of a garage door is the single largest moving part in your house, so it is very important to take care of it. Don’t take any risk with safety and security of your family members. Talk with our experts to know more about garage door security.