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4 Expert Garage Door Safety Tips For Homeowners

4 Expert Garage Door Safety Tips For Homeowners

No matter, residential or commercial, a garage door can turn out to be dangerous, if not handled with care and attention. Though it offers great level of security and protection to a property and vehicle, it is unsafe to dodge under this heavy opening. This largest moving element follows an automatic mechanism and ignoring its repairs may turn out to be life threatening, especially for children and pets who aren’t well aware of the dangers associated with a garage door. If you are concerned about the safety of your family, follow the below given overhead door safety tips explained by experts.

  1. Keep the opener remote away from children

    Children are more curious to reach those places that are beyond their reach. They cannot judge what is meant for playing and what is not. To ensure their safety, its advised to keep the garage door opener remote and any other hardware components away from their reach.

  2. Teach kids to stay away from moving garage doors

    One of the best way to ensure safety of kids is to teach them about the dangers associated with a moving door. Tell them never to dodge under the overhead door as it may roll back or close any time. Don’t tell them about the door falling incidents that you might have noticed or heard off, instead educate them about the injuries or pinched fingers.

  3. Test the emergency photo eye system regularly

    Almost all modern garage doors are equipped with an emergency release system that stops the door operating mechanism, whenever the sensor light detects any motion. Its important to test it regularly to ensure that the photo eyes are operating as desired. In case, your kid accidentally rolls under a moving garage door, this emergency photo eye mechanism will not risk his life.

  4. Inspect your garage door installation once in a month

    Garage doors operate atleast twice a day throughout the year. This regular use compel the hardware elements to wear and tear that eventually lead to damages or breakdowns. Its crucial to inspect the door components every month to maintain a smooth performance.

To ensure safety of your family, inspect and maintain your garage door regularly. Call in our overhead door repair professionals in Edmonton for quality repairs and maintenance service.